Preparing You
for the Next Wave
of Innovation

Consilient is a strategic healthcare consultancy that brings a unique, “outside-in” perspective on value creation for healthcare organizations. This perspective guides and informs all aspects of our clients’ strategy, leadership, and operations. Our offerings include:

  • Behavioral Health Care Delivery System Design
  • Lifecycle Patient and Network Management Using Digital Tools, Big Data and Retail
  • Clinical and Physician Integration and Accountable Care Transition
  • New Healthcare Economics and Competitive Strategy
  • Digital Marketing and M-Health Strategy

Working with associate firms in our network such as Carrier Clinic, Tandem and Dialog Group, Consilient possesses expert knowledge of healthcare providers and their challenges. We apply functional best practices from multiple industries to create innovative, sustainable solutions.

The Great AccelerationTM

The rate of change in the business environment is recreating the playing field faster than ever such that today’s best practice is quickly common practice.

Despite how quickly shifts in technology, markets, and politics seem to occur today, change may in fact never be this slow again.

Welcome to the Consilient Age™.

Consilient Principles

The Unity of Knowledge.

Founded on the principle of the unity of knowledge, Consilient represents a broad-based approach to organizational transformation and ecosystem design.

We leverage the power of change as a social advantage to ensure that your organization adapts and thrives within our constantly changing marketplace. This helps to accelerate growth and achieve corporate longevity amidst waves of innovation.

The Power of an Integrated Framework

We are cultural observers looking through the multidisciplinary lens. We bring together the best of East and West. The best of Digital and Analog. The best of Ancient and Modern to create a series of linking conversations within as well as across domains—without boundaries. We are able to consume today’s big data and rapidly chunk, reduce and link to deliver radical clarity and innovation to our clients.

We are “Pioneers with Maps” and Consilient is your shift navigator.

Built for Innovation

In an age where change is the only constant, only adaptive organizations will survive. Because learning is the only source of advantage in our ever-evolving environment, Consilient has created a 21st Century learning organization specifically designed to develop people, inspire collaboration, and nurture innovation.

This is the Modern Renaissance.

Where Theory Meets Practice

The Consilient Approach

Consilient offers a holistic management orientation that unites multidisciplinary teams with deep functional experience to target your organization’s toughest challenges. We believe a generalist perspective grounded in marketplace insights is the most profound way to create a multidimensional strategy that drives results.

A Modern Arsenal for Innovation

Unique problems will never have a formulaic combination of machines and methods to reach the solution. To solve our clients’ problems, Consilient draws upon a multifaceted set of tools, technology, frameworks, and diverse experiences that uncover the precise combination that unlocks your ideal future state.

We solve for the meta game and we make sure you stay there.

About Us

The Consilient ecosystem was designed around the core principles of the Medici Effect, providing exemplary leadership with our Dream Team of pioneering specialists to help you “skate to where the puck is headed.” Learn how to survive the next wave of innovation and achieve corporate longevity today.

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