The Next Renaissance of Healthcare

The Next Renaissance of Healthcare

What does modern healthcare have in common with the Medicis?

While the Medici Family ruled Florence, Italy, for less than 100 years in the 15th century, their impact on the world has been timeless. While patronage of the arts was de rigeur for the ruling elite of the time, the Medicis looked beyond the traditional, supporting individuals from many disciplines. By bringing sculptors, architects, painters, philosophers, and scientists from all over Europe and Asia to Florence, they turned the city into the center of the Renaissance. True consilience emerged as boundaries between cultures and disciplines were broken down and the “Medici Effect” led to one of the most creative eras in Europe’s history.

The Consilient Innovation Network’s ecosystem was designed around the principles and goals of the Medici Effect, providing healthcare leadership with the dream team of diverse innovation resources they need to skate to where “the puck is headed”.

We are cultural observers looking through a multidisciplinary lens, bringing together the best of East and West, Digital and Analog, Ancient and Modern, to create a series of linking conversations within as well as across domains—without boundaries. This collective expertise helps us to consume today’s big data and rapidly contextualize, reduce, and link it to actionable answers that deliver radical clarity and innovation to our clients.

True to our name, the Consilient Innovation Network held a healthcare faculty summit on January 15th by bringing together healthcare industry thought leaders to a summit in Austin, TX focused specifically on behavioral health.

Led by Don Parker, the CEO of Carrier Clinic, the nation’s eleventh largest behavioral health clinic and a global pioneer in behavioral health management in NJ, the discussion focused on optimizing mental health patient care through expanding access through urgent care, lowering costs through new digital platforms, and introducing new behavioral health interventions.

While our diverse faculty expertise yielded a wide diversity of opinions, there was alignment around a single global truth: we must shift our priorities, as an industry and a society, from managing sickness to finding ways to creating wellness. Our first summit was just the start.