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of the History of Healthcare

The New DNA of Healthcare Strategy

In the world of accountable care, healthcare institutions want patients in the network—not in the hospital. Accountable care isn’t just managing sickness, but also creating wellness. Additionally, new competitors enter the marketplace daily in the form of aggressive retailers and online providers. As a result, competing for consumer mindshare—not procedures—is vital to success.

Unique Challenges, Unique Opportunities

Consilient offers a deep understanding of hospital operations combined with decades of strategy work across industries. Our approach empowers clients to plot and navigate a course that creates leverage and advantage, while helping you anticipate and avoid potential pitfalls.

Consilient can help you reframe your organization for today’s complex environments and devise preemptive approaches that position you for growth.

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Compassionate Care

Consilient follows a patient-centered philosophy grounded in Compassionate Care. Research supports Compassionate Care as the art of being attentively present to the patient in a manner that facilitates well-being, security, treatment adherence, and healing. This approach conveys respect, enhances the quality of patient care, fulfills professional competency requirements, reduces medical errors, lowers costs, and improves health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Compassionate Care can only be achieved when all members of the care team and all organizational leaders recognize that this attention is essential to patient-centered care. Teams require systematic approaches to help both new as well as experienced health professionals develop the skills needed to provide Compassionate Care.

Integrating the following four essential characteristics is vital to a complete Compassionate Care ecosystem:

  • Relationships based on empathy, emotional support, and efforts that relieve the patient’s distress and suffering
  • Effective communication over time and across settings
  • Respect for and facilitation of patients’ and families’ participation in decisions and the care process
  • Contextualized understanding of the patient existing in a network of relationships, both at home and in their community

Behavioral Health

Managing the admission and treatment of behavioral and mental health patients is one of the most pressing issues that hospitals will face over the next decade. Emergency departments struggle with dramatically increasing inflows as behavioral health visit rates are seven times higher when compared to admission of patients with other illnesses.

Consilient advocates that optimizing patient flow through new access channels holistically improves the quality of care from diagnosis to treatment. This is key to achieving lower costs for providers and higher satisfaction for patients.

Designed to be more effective, more patient-friendly, less costly, and provide higher levels of reimbursement, the Consilient approach to behavioral health reinvents the equation for complete care.

Clinical Integration

The American Medical Association (AMA) describes clinical integration as “the means to facilitate the coordination of patient care across conditions, providers, settings, and time in order to achieve care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-focused.”

Essentially, effective clinical integration is ecosystem design management. And at Consilient, this is both our passion and our specialization.

Our strategic approach transcends a stale “cookbook” approach as we carefully examine all the parts when considering the whole system. We understand and value the capabilities and skills required to deliver a successful scenario for healthcare providers and their patients and families.

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Physician Network Management

The era of physicians networking and exchanging referrals in the physician’s lounge are over. Increasingly, these activities are taking place online. The challenge of the modern age is to connect and maintain personal relationships within digital environments using digital tools. Healthcare providers must ask themselves the following questions:

  • How do you create the personal connections needed to generate referrals and drive volume in today’s online world?
  • How do you build these necessary virtual connections in order to stay competitive and increase relevancy without sacrificing personal engagement?

Consilient understands how to scale your healthcare network by leveraging a variety of digital tools and creating a virtual environment that nurtures authentic relationships. Our approach utilizes a clinical-practice share-of-wallet model that drives measurement, accountability, and revenue. Ultimately, we provide your healthcare organization with the necessary network management capabilities vital for a modern world of clinical integration.

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The Consilient ecosystem was designed around the core principles of the Medici Effect, providing exemplary leadership with our Dream Team of pioneering specialists to help you “skate to where the puck is headed.” Learn how to survive the next wave of innovation and achieve corporate longevity today.

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